At Cryospain, we’re always looking for new ways to offer our clients quality and security. We’re happy to announce a totally new product to take even better care of your gas cylinders

We’re proud to announce that we now boast an industrial gas cylinder pasteurisation system. We’ve designed this oven for high-pressure gas cylinders and blocks of gas cylinders for the food industry. Our aim, as always, is to guarantee greater product safety.

Our technicians designed every aspect of the cutting-edge oven for the gas cylinder pasteurisation system. We can therefore tailor it to accommodate bottles and blocks in a range of different dimensions. The design process also covered everything from the physical structure of the oven made of an insulating sandwich panel, to the electrical panel incorporating a control and regulation system for the oven chamber temperature.

An oven designed with the most cutting-edge technology

The gas cylinder pasteurisation system involves a four-hour process. It consists of maintaining a stable temperature of 65º inside the equipment for at least 25 minutes.

Thanks to our unique design, this process has also been achieved with very low power consumption. We always try to optimise our designs to meet our commitment to responsible energy consumption while also minimising our environmental impact.

A top-of-the-line HMI system to monitor the entire process and provide maximum safety guarantees

The new oven also incorporates a HMI (Human Machine Interface). This advanced technology puts full control of the gas cylinder pasteurisation system at operators’ fingertips.

An LCD display shows equipment operation and the different pasteurisation stages, as well as the oven and bottle temperatures. A magnetic temperature probe is used to obtain the exact temperature of the bottles.

Removing contaminants for safer, cleaner food

Our brand new gas cylinder pasteurisation system is used to destroy any micro-organisms present inside the bottles. These include pathogens but also spoilage micro-organisms. The goal is simple: products not contaminated by these elements last longer and are of higher quality.

At your service for truly tailored cryogenic solutions

At Cryospain, we are experts in customised engineering projects. We can also guarantee the best solution for our clients thanks to a highly experienced team and the latest technology.

If you need a solution for your gas installation or the use of our pasteurisation system in gas bottles and blocks, why not contact us today at

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