Our latest build in Texas City is well underway. The next step in the process is a vital service Cryospain provides as part of its exhaustive testing. Read on to learn more!

Cryospain’s flat bottom tank for LOX storage in Texas City is already taking shape. Our expert crane operators have already lifted the roofs and testing can therefore begin. The safety of our clients’ property and staff is paramount to Cryospain, so we take safety checks and inspections seriously. Today we’d like to talk about a specific type of testing our experts carry out for this kind of project: the Hydropneumatic test.

Going the extra mile for the safety and proper working order of your equipment

So, what is a hydropneumatic test? As the name suggests, it involves applying pressure to your equipment with water. We carry out this test on any flat bottom tank whose inner tank is made of stainless steel. Cryospain’s experts first carry out leak and radiographic tests as well as physico-chemical analysis of the water.

Once we’re happy with these results, we can move on the hydropneumatic test itself.

Hydropneumatic test: Step by step

Our experts begin by filling the tank with water. They then leave the water to stand for a maximum of 24 hours, carrying out visual leak checks. Next, they carry out two tests on the inner tank. Firstly, they pressure test the interior tank. Secondly they run a vacuum test. They then repeat these tests on the exterior tank. They empty the tank in two stages, carrying out further tests before carefully cleaning the flat bottom tank. Finally, they run pressure and vacuum tests on the exterior tank. All of this takes place under the strictest supervision as well as constant and varied safety checks.

We provide foundations check and hydropneumatic test reports for our client’s supervisor, and eventually a third-party authority, to sign off on.

Ask us what we can do for you!

This hydropneumatic test in Texas is just one of the many services our experienced team can provide. If you need truly top-class safety experts, speak to us today and put your project, and your business, in the best possible hands.

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