At Cryospain, we pride ourselves on providing plug and play solutions for our clients. This latest project is a good example of how we adapt every job we do to the needs of each unique client.

This build of an LCO2 vaporizer, a system for turning liquid Carbon Dioxide into gas, is a great showcase for how Cryospain approaches any job. In this post, we want to talk about the tools we use, and our extensive production capacity – but most of all our people.

Cryospain’s success is built upon a combination of cutting-edge technology and choosing and developing the right people for the job. Let’s start by looking at some of the latest tech we leverage to make your project a success

3D Design with Solidworks and Inventor

An LCO2 vaporizer is a complex piece of equipment as it is, but must also be adapted to each of our customers’ circumstances and context. We therefore need to ensure we give our experts the best possible tools to fit each LCO2 vaporizer to the job. Before we start building equipment, we firstly plan every detail out with 3D modelling. Cryospain’s designers are experts in both Solidworks and Inventor, ensuring equipment meets the exact requirements for your project.

The production capacity to make your project a success: our workshops

Not every company has the facilities to build an LCO2 vaporizer. Cryospain, however, has invested in our very own workshops:

  • Our facility in PINTO boasts a production area 1,500 m2 as well as a 10-ton overhead travelling crane
  • The GETAFE workshop has an even larger production area (2000 m2), a 10-ton overhead travelling crane as well as a 300 m2 storage area

Our people, our strength

Of course, vanguard technologies are vital in our industry, not to mention in building complex equipment like an LCO2 vaporizer. At Cryospain, we nevertheless believe that a company is nothing without the right people.

In our technical office, we have 10 engineers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Among our staff you’ll find chemical engineers, as well as mechanical or electrical engineers. All of our experts can draw on a wealth of experience in builds and launches.

In the workshop where we build complex equipment like this LCO2 vaporizer, talent also abounds. The men and women on our team include mechanics, boilermakers, welders as well as vacuum technicians. Every one of them is a seasoned specialist in equipment manufacture and repair for the cryogenic and high-vacuum industries.

Whatever your project, put it in the hands of experts

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