Our experts acted fast to fix an urgent technical issue at our client’s antibiotic pharmaceutical company.

Leak detection is vital to keep your equipment running safely and at full capacity. At Cryospain, we’re committed to the highest standards of service through a qualified technical team with more than 20 years of experience in the cryogenic field.
When you’re hit with a technical emergency, you can count on fast and effective response from Cryospain’s teams.

On this occasion, this issue was putting crucial pharmaceutical products at risk. We needed to respond quickly in order to resolve the problem and avoid losses. Staff at the factory had detected contamination and suspected it might be coming from their heat exchanger‘s tube bundle.

Cryospain’s team is ready to go where you need us, whenever you need us

Our experts in leak detection arrived on the scene and spoke to our client to come to the quickest possible solution.
We determined that the best way to verify if the problem was in fact in the heat exchanger was to perform a helium test in the tube bundle to detect possible defects.
Our team got to work on a thorough leak detection procedure. Helium tests will find any pores, leaks or breaks in equipment like heat exchanger tube bundles. We were able to confirm that it was in perfect condition and that the problem in the system was elsewhere.

We know that time losses mean money losses

At Cryospain, we understand the value of providing fast and reliable technical solutions. Your business needs us to minimize the time your production is down due to a breakdown.
As always, Cryospain is proud to offer all our technology and technical know-how to identify the root of your technical issues.

Quality, trust and reliability: accident proof your business with Cryospain

Helium leak detection is just one of the services upon which we’ve built our reputation. If your business depends on cryogenic equipment and you suffer a breakdown (or want to prevent one), contact us today. We bring you both our team of experts and our very own cryogenic workshops, equipped with the most reliable and modern equipment on the market.

Alternatively drop us an email at cryospain@cryospain.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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