This Cryospain project was beneficial to both client and environment, while marking further consolidation of our American reputation

For this 3,160m³ liquid oxygen storage tank, Cryospain could draw on our experience with a previous successful Texan project. However, this flat bottom cryogenic tank project, beyond similarities in purpose, posed its own obstacles and difficulties. Read on to learn how our experts were able to overcome them and count another job well done in the US.

Flat-Bottom Cryogenic Tank Project in Freeport, Texas

Familiar terrain. New challenges.

This liquid oxygen storage project was Cryospain’s second project in the USA and its backdrop was the Port of Houston, the world’s largest industrial port. The context was familiar to our teams thanks to our experience with a similar job in 2017 in Freeport in the same state. Texas offers incentives to its plant owners if they run their energy-intensive plants intermittently. This avoids overloading the grid at certain times of the day. And in order to be able to operate under these conditions, you need increased liquid oxygen storage.

Nevertheless, despite these similarities, the Houston liquid oxygen storage project came with a unique set of challenges. In this case, the tank and the air separation units were within a fully-operational chemical plant. This meant logistical complications as well as extremely tight security requirements for our teams.

Overcoming obstacles – Cryospain’s speciality

Other familiar issues hampering this project were customs issues and climate. Thankfully, we already knew how to get around the first issue. We knew we had to ship every piece of the liquid oxygen storage tank on one vessel as US customs don’t allow gradual shipping.

We had all the terrain and climate issues that come with builds at sea level with heavy rain. This time, however, lightning was the major issue, as every time there was an electric storm, our teams had to down tools. Despite all the difficulties, our teams were nevertheless able to get the job done right. Another satisfied American customer!

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