With another important project for 4 new-build LNG cruise ships, Cryospain is becoming an essential technological partner for the most important shipyards in the world.

We are proud to announce that Cryospain has been awarded another important maritime project. We’ll be designing piping systems for the transport, storage and injection of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for 4 new cruise ships .

Cryospain has a strong commitment to the switch to cleaner fuels for the maritime industry. We can draw on over 20 years experience in cryogenic engineering, as well as more than 10 years developing cryogenic pipeline projects. More and more clients are choosing us for the design of their pipe-in-pipe systems. In this latest project, we’re deploying all our human and technological potential to develop efficient and safe LNG transfer systems.

Cryogenic piping: the key to LNG cruise ships

Our engineers will work on the 3D design of the piping systems using computer-aided design software. This allows us to realistically locate the piping and supports inside the 3D model of the vessel. By mapping out the optimal route and design for the piping, we also ensure the smoothest installation.

We then carry out finite element analysis to test the structural integrity of our piping sections. We check their interaction with other elements on the LNG cruise ship as well as their thermal and pressure cycles. Optimal design means avoiding any breakages, deformations or excessive stress during installation and operation. Furthermore, we carry out these calculations in compliance with demanding RINA maritime standards.

Pipes of every length and size – tailoring for complex jobs

For these new LNG cruise ships, we provide pipe sizes from DN25, through DN40, DN50, DN80, DN10 and up to DN150. Cryospain has the technical and manufacturing capacity to tailor to this level, making us a technological partner that adapts to your needs.

The vacuum and ventilated pipes we are designing will transport LNG from the port’s bunkering station to the ship’s tanks for injection into the engines.

We’re also in charge of the double-walled cryogenic piping for transporting cold natural gas to the boilers, GVU, GCU and generators, as well as piping for the ventilation system.

Cryospain: experience, technology and innovation

At Cryospain, we believe a cleaner future is possible. Our commitment is to continue putting all the knowledge we’ve gathered in cryogenic engineering at the service of the maritime industry. We offer technology and innovation to drive energy transition with zero emissions as our final port of call.

The shipping sector is making a huge effort to achieve this goal and Cryospain wants to partner with all major shipyards in their mission.

Contact us here if you are developing a naval project and need a cryogenic technology partner. We’ll also be delighted to help you at cryospain@cryospain.com

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