At Cryospain we have an industry-leading preventive maintenance service for your cryogenic equipment.

Your cryogenic Dewars, PGS and Rangers need thorough care to ensure they’re performing at their best. If not, sudden failures can lead to unforeseen costs and can even cause downtime in your plant.

At Cryospain we have a team of specialists in the care and maintenance of your cryogenic equipment. Our staff has both top qualifications and years of experience in cryogenic preventive maintenance. More and more customers rely on our services to ensure the perfect condition of their Dewars, PGS and Rangers. We also have all the capabilities to fix any failure that may occur, getting them back working as well as on the first day.

A wide range of services to benefit your business

Some of the operations we are known for at Cryospain include:

  • Analysis of the inner gas for the detection of combustible substances.
  • Inerting of both the inner vessel and valve box.
  • Vacuum level check and restitution if necessary.
  • If the Dewar isn’t producing high vacuum, Helium test to find possible pores in the vessel, both in the inner and outer tank.
  • Repair of the pores found.
  • Performing dynamic 10-⁶ mbar vacuum.
  • Cleaning of the cryogenic Dewars.
  • Replacement of labels and stickers.
  • Tightness test of the valve box.
  • Revision or replacement of:
    • Liquid/gas nozzles.
    • Pressure gauges if readings are not correct.
    • Level gauges.
    • Pressure regulators.
    • Safety valves.
    • Wheels.
    • Economizer overhaul, replacement or removal.

Re-certification of your cryogenic storage equipment

In addition to these preventive maintenance operations, we also offer a re-certification service for cryogenic Dewars. We assist the certifying bodies in the mandatory periodic tests (REP+2010/35/EU), at our facilities but also on-site at the end-users’. We perform the corresponding pressure tests with official certification issued by an approved entity.

Sterilization at our own facility

For cryogenic Dewars, Rangers and PGS intended to house medical or food gases, we also offer our customers a sterilization service. Cryospain has its own pasteurization chamber in which we eliminate all bacteria that may be present. This is how we can guarantee correct sterilization to meet all sanitary requirements.

Our commitment to bringing you the very latest technology continues: new Hasting connector

We also have a new product for you – we can now offer all our customers a Hasting connector to be able to measure the vacuum status in their cryogenic Dewar on the spot. You can run the check operation on-site yourself, without having to uninstall your thermal insulation vessel.

Why is this breakthrough we offer so significant? Because you can now check the vacuum level of your thermal insulation vessels at any time. This allows you to anticipate a possible failure or even breakdown, in addition to significantly reducing maintenance costs. You’ll enjoy savings in terms of intervention and delivery to our facilities as well.

All this not only reduces repair time, but also avoids the potential economic losses due to having to stop or slow down production.

Your cryogenic Dewars in the hands of true experts

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today and we’ll handle the proper maintenance of your cryogenic equipment as well as all of your thermal insulation vessels (Dewar, PGS and Rangers). You can also send an email to

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