Cryospain is excited to announce we are expanding our production capacity, opening a new production plant our home town of Madrid.

We are honoured by the ever growing number of you putting your trust in Cryospain’s services. Our new cryogenic production plant is testament to our determination to ensure we can live up to the trust you have placed in us. The 1400 m2 facility is our way of guaranteeing we maintain our standards of excellence as we grow.

More capacity to make your projects a reality

This new building located in Getafe teams up with our original cryogenic production plant in Pinto, both in our hometown of Madrid. With these two plants fully operational, Cryospain now boasts more than 2600 m2 to build the products your business needs.

The new cryogenic production plant is already producing high-vacuum super-insulated pipes, also known as cryolines. Products like these require a facility kitted out with state-of-the-art machinery:

  • Roots vacuum pumps
  • Leak detectors
  • Oil diffusion vacuum pumps
  • Welding sets
  • Cleaning and pickling machinery
  • Pipe-cutting machines

We’ve come a long way…

Since its founding, Cryospain has always been committed to tailoring projects to the needs of its customers. But we know this cannot mean losing sight of our standards. We have a deep knowledge of and commitment to meet the strictest local and international regulations too.

This cryogenic production plant has more than 19 years of experience in cryogenic engineering behind it. We have designed and manufactured more than 30 flat-bottom tanks all over the world, from Taiwan to the USA, Czechia, Poland, South Africa…

Our cryolines are supplying livelihoods the world over as well, transporting LIN, LOX, LAR, LHe, LH2 and LNG. With this new cryogenic production plant, your vital products get to you quicker with no compromise on quality.

Growing along with our reputation

Thanks to our high production capacity, Cryospain has positioned itself as one of the most important European companies in our sector. This cryogenic production plant will not only service projects all over the world. It will boost a huge variety of industries too, both on land and sea. Our cryolines will serve LNG and LH2 ship bunkering and retrofit projects as well as pump skids, plants, storage tanks, etc.

Choose Cryospain and find out what we mean!

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