Cryospain’s Pinto plant now boasts solar panels for improved electric self-sufficiency.

In line with our ongoing environmental mission, Cryospain has taken an important step in our own energy efficiency. We now have a fully operational photovoltaic power station at our engineering and production site in Pinto.

Cryospain is committed to the environment and sustainability. For years now, we’ve been making choices geared towards energy savings and efficiency to take better care of our planet.

Commitment to energy self-sufficiency

This photovoltaic power station represents the fruit of our search for greater energy efficiency through renewable sources. Not only have we achieved 40% self-sufficiency, we also feed 19 MW of renewable energy back into the public power grid. So, we improve our footprint as well as our surroundings area’s.

This photovoltaic power station generates more than 53,000 kWh per year, the equivalent of 50% of our consumption. Thanks to this innovation, we’ll put 14.13 tons less CO2 into the atmosphere every year. We built facing east to align peak consumption time with the highest electricity generation by the solar panels to maximize efficiency.

In less than 5 years, Cryospain’s investment in the photovoltaic power station will have paid for itself. We carried out this key project thanks in part to Next Generation Funds as well as the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. The aim of these grants is to improve energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions for a more sustainable future.

We’ve slashed our carbon footprint by more than 50%

Cryospain promises to continue to grow in a sustainable and responsible way, leveraging constant innovation to reduce polluting emissions. We follow ISO 14000 standards to monitor our impact on the environment. We also apply measures such as separating waste for recycling and treating it in accordance with best environmental practices. This photovoltaic power station is just another giant step forward in this mission.

Cryospain, your environmentally-committed technology partner

Cryospain is proud to provide products that help minimize environmental impact. Take for example the efficiency of our vacuum insulated piping which optimizes energy consumption or the low emissions of natural gas. Each element brings its own technical challenge that Cryospain tackles by drawing on our more than 20 years at the forefront of cryogenic engineering.

Get in touch today to put your new cryogenic equipment or installation in the right hands. Join us on this exciting journey combining the most advanced techniques and a commitment to reducing your projects’ environmental impact.

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