Safety first: we carry out industry-leading maintenance services on the safety devices that keep your cryogenic flat-bottom tanks running as they should

At Cryospain, a leading name in cryogenic engineering in Europe, we supply and manufacture all the parts that cryogenic flat bottom tanks need to operate safely. Correct maintenance is key to guaranteeing the proper and safe running of our clients’ cryogenic tanks, as well as extending their lifespan.

Our expertise at the service of the tools of your trade

At Cryospain we provide our preventive maintenance service with the goal of getting clients maximum efficiency, safety and production capacity for their cryogenic tanks. Our services consist of revision, repair and replacement of any necessary elements, so that your tank keeps working like the day it was built. Our policy is to work with the highest-performing elements and components, while always meeting the strictest quality and safety standards. This is the only way we can ensure both the reliability of our services and the satisfaction of our clients.

Safe equipment for safe staff!

Cryogenic flat-bottom tanks are designed to withstand adverse conditions over the years, without undue effects on performance. To ensure they stay ship-shape, we carry out routine inspections of each component and part that makes up their structure. Some of the safety components of the tank we check regularly include PSVs (safety valves), rupture discs and emergency covers. The correct maintenance of these elements guarantees the safety of the infrastructure and – most importantly – that of the men and women who work on it every day.

The highest standards, whether here in Spain or in distant Doha!

This month saw Cryospain ship new parts and safety elements for our cryogenic flat-bottom tank located in Doha (Qatar). We built this tank between 2015 and 2016, in an area with blistering temperatures, for LOX (Liquid Oxygen) storage. Our engineers take adverse temperatures and low humidity into account when drawing up the tank plans. They can therefore guarantee their designs will stand up to every challenge.

The cryogenic flat bottom tank installed in Doha will get most thorough preventive maintenance. Cryospain thus ensures the fundamental pillars of quality and safety we demand in every job we do.

We supplied the following elements:

  • Maintenance kits for inner tank safety valves, block valves, outer tank safety valve, safety vent and overflow safety valves
  • Bursting discs
  • Cryogenic ball valve
  • Flow meter
  • Pressure gauges
  • Cryogenic globe valves
  • Bronze filters
  • Set of gaskets

We don’t just build quality. We make sure quality lasts.

At Crysopain, we’re not just committed to the quality of our products in terms of design and materials. We also provide guarantees and peace-of-mind for our clients through our routine check-ups. It is this commitment that means the projects we carry out work better and for longer than the competition’s. And it goes without saying that long-lasting performance means better business for our clients.

If you want your equipment to last, then speak to our experts today.

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