Accessing Project Management Consulting can push a company to reach their fullest potential thanks to the aid of external expertise. In fields where several complex disciplines must be combined, such as the area of cryogenic engineering, employing Project Management consultancy services can make a crucial difference.

What exactly is Project Management Consulting, what are the roles of project management consulting companies and what type of help can a PM consultant provide in the field of cryogenic engineering? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Project Management Consulting?

Project management consulting involves roles of planning, conceptualizing, advising and leading companies in the search of implementing solutions to specific problems they might be encountering. 

As such, the role of the PM consultant is to bring in his specialized skills and knowledge to help companies make decisions and advance in certain projects. 

In order to do so successfully, he or she must assimilate the company’s culture, so that the ultimate solution aligns with the company’s goals and vision.

A few key activities that project management consultancy services typically tackle include:

  • Identifying inefficiencies in processes by looking at data and trends
  • Determining potential risks and contingency and mitigation plans
  • Devising solutions and roadmaps, including specific tasks given to human teams with high productivity goals
  • Coordinating teams and stakeholders and developing a positive engagement 
  • Monitoring the project’s progress
  • Managing different projects at the same time
  • Guaranteeing delivery times and suggesting realistic and efficient schedules
  • Adjusting solutions to allocated budgets and resources

Project management consultant vs. project management contractor

There are several differences between these two roles: 

Firstly, contractors develop an internal role within an organization, while consultants act as an external source for expertise, giving internal teams the insights and tools to work. Secondly, it could be argued that PMC consultants work to make suggestions to solve problems, while contractors are hired to do a specific job. 

Because of this reason, this also means consultants must present a large experience and expertise in a wide range of subjects and the specific industry they work in. This will allow the PM consultant to provide an informed, valuable perspective that’s difficult to access otherwise. Contractors, on the other hand, must only present the particular skills they’re hired to perform.

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Pros and cons of project management consulting companies

The pros of companies outsourcing project management consulting include: 

  • Project management consulting provides direct access to expert advice and a wide experience in project management across diverse contexts
  • It’s a beneficial option for companies that cannot afford to develop their own project management team. By accessing external experts, it’s possible to access significant cost savings while guaranteeing results.
  • The relationship with project management consulting companies is often flexible and can range from offering advice on certain tools and instruments to full-cycle advising for a project.

Meanwhile, some companies might experience that the risk of information leaks hinders their potential hiring of project management consultancy services. However, this can be solved by choosing the right company that can provide reliable references to endorse their work. 

Another common con cited by companies is their worrying about the potential inefficiency of the project management consulting companies. Again, there are a number of ways to overcome this obstacle, like negotiating payments based on results, among other formulas.

PMC in cryogenic engineering

At Cryospain we provide specialized, custom cryogenic engineering project management consulting services. 

Based on our 20 year experience in global cryogenic projects, we’re able to provide expert advice for cryogenic projects throughout their whole life cycle and on demand. This includes the design, manufacture, implementation and execution of projects from start to finish.

In order to do so, we put our global team of engineers to work, who are able to advise, create, develop and plan any cryogenic project. The human team is backed by our production capabilities, so that the most ambitious projects can be implemented using our production plants. The experts can, however, also relocate to our client’s facilities, a decision that will be made depending on each project’s needs.

Discover our success cases:

Our project management consultancy services in engineering typically follow these steps: 

  • Our sales team assists the clients and reroutes clients to our technical department in order to understand their main questions and needs
  • We work to devise the most beneficial solution, putting quality and rule and standard compliance at the heart of each project
  • Our production and technical teams cooperate to provide the most valuable suggestions and assistance attending to each project’s needs.

The result is a highly-valuable process in which companies access specialized and personalized guidance for their cryogenic projects. 

Get in touch with us and discover Cryospain’s project management consulting services for cryogenic engineering.


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