Cryospain isn’t just a leading a company in the sale of cryogenic equipment. We’re also renowned in our sector for our maintenance and repair services.

At Cryospain, we believe that cryogenic equipment should be built to last. We want to keep the products that we provide to our customers working as well as possible and for as long as possible. In this video you can see how we handle the repair of a pump cold end. Our technical team is passionate about cryogenic installation maintenance. We’ll go wherever you need, repairing or replacing any parts necessary to get your equipment back working like the very first day.

Analyze the problem. Provide the solution.

On this occasion, a client sent a liquid nitrogen tank that had been failing to our specialized workshop. First, we analyzed what was behind the faults preventing it from being able to safely extract the liquid nitrogen. We then determined the pump cold end was not working properly.

As soon as we replaced the pump cold end the extraction system started working properly again. Our technicians carried out the start-up following the safety protocols and checked that all systems were operating correctly.

Our customer’s liquid nitrogen tank is now ready for its vital medical applications. Cryospain’s experts ensured the equipment was back where our clients need it to be in the shortest time possible. Not only that, the repair came with the assurance of a company that has specialised in cryogenic systems since 2002.

If you’re trying to source quality cryogenic equipment such as the pump cold end in the video, or are in need of the kind of skilled repairs you can see in it, why not contact us today? We’ll be delighted to hear what you need and provide you with the best possible solution.

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