Undoubtedly one of our most exciting and challenging success cases, working on this SABRE project marks a historic moment for Cryospain.

Cryospain is famous for our state-of-the-art cryogenic engineering technology. A British aerospace company needed to conduct tests for a SABRE (Synergistic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine). This revolutionary propulsion system requires Helium and Hydrogen, both in liquid state, for its operation.

SABRE: a groundbreaking project

SABRE technology, a concept under development by our clients, consists of a hypersonic hybrid pre-cooled air-breathing rocket engine.

What is revolutionary about this cryogenic engineering technology is its ability to cool the incoming air with velocities up to Mach 5.5 from 1000 °C to -150 °C in a fraction of a second.

The operation of this engine is based on a heat exchanger capable of cooling the inlet air to -150 °C (-238 F) to provide oxygen for mixing with the hydrogen and thus provide the jet thrust during atmospheric flight before switching to stored liquid oxygen when in space.

Complex pipe-in-pipe systems, Cryospain’s speciality

Cryospain is an industry-leader in pipe-in-pipe technology. Our client knew they could rely on us to provide both the right cryogenic engineering technology as well as the highest standards of safety.

We produced and supplied the following pipes (ahead of schedule and tailored exactly to the requirements of the project):

  • 38m of DN25 and 20m of DN100.

This choice of pipe-in-pipe solution allows for transport of fluids while retaining their liquid state and minimizing boil-off.

Pride in a job well done

This extremely challenging project certainly put our engineering department to the test. In order for the client’s project to be successful, our calculations needed to be 100% accurate. The level of quality our team achieved on the pipe-in-pipe system both impressed and satisfied our client. Our cryogenic engineers could be proud of a job well done in a difficult yet exhilarating project.

If you want your cryogenic project in the hands of internationally-renowned experts, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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