One of our most complex projects, the Texas City flat-bottom tank build was also full of examples of the lengths we go to do the job right

Our flat bottom cryogenic tank in Texas City was a good example of the extreme safety measures our teams undergo to complete even the most challenging of projects.

Some of the challenges and checks in Texas: Safety measures

Hazardous working conditions expertly overcome

The site for this build was our client’s petrochemical plant. Working on an active site with so many risks means safety measures are extreme. Our experts had to bear in mind and rigorously meet standards for every kind of potential hazard. These included rules to cover “confined spaces” “hot work”, “rigging equipment”, “lifting” and “elevated work”, among others.

Visual inspection with electrical light and ultraviolet light

Among the many safety measures were the strict checks for any contaminants. If our staff brought any moisture, oil, grease, etc. onto the work site, the results could be disastrous. Electrical and ultraviolet light checks therefore became part of our experts’ day-to-day routine.

Removing any contaminants wasn’t an easy job either, as these safety guidelines show.

“Dirt due to the presence of oils or fats shall be less than 100mg/m2, if any. Lint should be removed via blowing with nitrogen or oil free, clean dry air, or further wiping with a lint-free cloth.”

Ultrasound testing – a vital alternative to radiography

This was the first project where we used the ultrasonic technique to inspect the welds, versus the radiography technique we used previously. The major advantage of using ultrasonics versus radiography for weld inspection on this type of job is in scheduling and cost.

Radiographic test have to be carried out when nobody is on site as a safety measure to protect personnel. We therefore usually carry these tests out at night. This means that our experts complete a weld, wait for nightfall, and obtain the results of the inspection the following day. If it hasn’t been successful, they must then repeat the weld.

With the ultrasonic technique, we can inspect welds a few minutes after completion. If we find any issues, we can fix them on the same day. Apart from the time reductions, our client doesn’t have to hire any overnight preventive/supervisory resources (which comes at a significant cost in the USA).

Safety and quality – the Cryospain guarantee

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