A coming of age for the Spanish organisation as Cryospain celebrates 18 years in the sector.

The 6th of February was an important date for Spanish company Cryospain. We celebrated 18 years in the cryogenic engineering sector at an international level.

We’ve been busy these past 18 years. Our growing team has carried out a multitude of projects both nationally and for export. This constant activity has positioned us a leading company in the cryogenic industry.

A truly global company

You’ll find us in more than 20 countries across 4 continents. Wherever we go, our skilled engineers and technicians apply the very latest technologies.

Some of our completed projects include:

  • Over 30 flat-bottomed cryogenic tanks (FBT)
  • more than 7Km of vacuum-insulated piping systems for liquefied gases
  • Over 15 gas filling stations
  • 5 conversions of ships to GNL power and counting
  • 5 NGV stations and LNG satellite plants and counting

A growing team for a growing company

Cryospain is growing fast to continue launching more projects all over the world. To keep up with the pace of our global activity, we’ve invested in human capital. We now have an extended “family” of over fifty employees. Furthermore, we’re proud of our record in staff retention. Not only this, we’ve also managed to “stay fresh” and attract bright young professionals to the team.

Recognition from the cryogenic engineering sector

Our work ethic and high standards haven’t gone unnoticed. For instance, here are some of the prestigious quality certificates we’ve been awarded:

These were awarded for design, repair, marketing and installation of a range of equipment and facilities.

  • RINA rules: Certificate in “Assembly of prefabricated cryogenic pipes”

At Cryospain, we’re passionate about standards. Above all, we are committed to quality, to the environment and to health and safety. Over these 18 years, we have never lost sight of these values.

The result? Sustainable growth and constant improvement.

The proof? Our satisfied customers.

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