We’re excited to announce that our Asian expansion continues with a brand-new Flat Bottom Cryogenic storage Tank project in Taiwan

Cryospain is proud to announce we have won the bid to develop and design a flat bottom tank (FBT) for the storage 5.000 m3 of liquid nitrogen. This ambitious international project in Asia is located in the city of Hsinchu, (Taiwan Island). 

Cryospain: the perfect technological partner

The flat bottom storage tank is being developed by the skilled teams at Cryospain Engineering. It will store liquid nitrogen and supply (LIN) in the electronics industry. Furthermore, this project sees Cryospain working in a booming industry: the development and production of next-gen microchips. It goes without saying that this is a highly technological field, so Cryospain is the perfect partner. Why?: Thanks to our advanced techniques in the design, production and processing of cryogenic storage infrastructures. 

Some of the stand-out features of this large flat-bottomed cryogenic tank: low temperature storage (-196º C), 100 mbarg design pressure as well as the API 620 design code. 

A commitment to excellence as our commitment to our clients

Our expert engineers and the design software we use, mean Cryospain can tailor infrastructure and installation to each client. It is a challenge but also a privilege to work with one of the largest microchip producers in the Asian market. Their operations require cryogenic systems, so our experience in the sector means this is an area with potential for continued growth. And more satisfied clients as well!

When you choose Cryospain, you choose the highest quality in every component that make up our storage tank projects. Of course, the success of our projects is down to our teams, their wealth of experience and the technological tools they master. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their hard work on this new challenge in Taiwan!

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