Cryospain’s experts will design and build the supply heads for a helium facility for medical applications

Cryospain is proud to announce our participation in a new vanguard project. We’ll be working with a leading cryogenic company on its installation consisting of four superconducting magnets for medical applications. The system will receive high purity helium gas at 20k from a cryostat – cryo compressor system that recycles the helium in the installation.

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Cryospain’s scope within this project is the thermal/mechanical design through CAD design tools and FEM simulations of the helium supply and return heads, as well as their construction. However, the complexity of this project goes beyond the handling of helium at low temperatures.

The customer needs us to comply with very particular and restrictive thermal efficiency thresholds. They’ve set a maximum of 75W of thermal losses in an 18m piping circuit, with bayonets as well as an interface with flexible elements. It also features motorized valves and fittings. Therefore, we’ll need to optimize the design of piping and bayonets (Johnston couplings) to ensure compliance with these requirements.

This project represents a major challenge for Cryospain, one we relish taking on. We are immersing ourselves in the project to ensure the thermal/mechanical design is of the highest quality and that all customer specifications are met. We are excited to demonstrate once again our ability to handle highly complex technical challenges. And all of the above while offering efficient solutions to our cryogenic customers.

Details of the challenge

Cryospain’s specific role in the project involves creating a vacuum piping installation to cool two sets of 4 superconducting magnets. To achieve this, liquid helium will create low temperatures and achieve superconductivity by means of a high-power magnetic field. The liquid helium reduces the electrical resistance of the magnet coils to almost zero, making it able to conduct very large currents without generating heat thus becoming a perfect electrical conductor.

By reducing electrical resistance, far less energy is necessary to achieve such a powerful magnetic field. Once the electromagnetic field is reached power can be shut off, as the field becomes self-generating under superconducting conditions.

A circuit will be designed to supply high purity helium to a cooler and cryo compressor, where the helium is recirculated to lower its temperature.

The project also includes:

  • DN20 vacuum insulated piping
  • Vacuum insulated motorized valves
  • Instrumentation (to be provided later by the customer)
  • Flexible tubing
  • Bayonets

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