Cryospain creates a test bench for nuclear fusion components subjected to extreme conditions

A new high-tech project gets underway at Cryospain! This time our client needs a tailored test bench for ducts subjected to changes in temperature, pressure and moments of force, all under high vacuum. Their facilities cater for nuclear fusion projects, which are of vital importance for the energy sector.

Our service department has been heavily involved in this project. They’re our specialists in finding creative solutions to the complex problems our cryogenic and high vacuum customers come to us with. Our engineers have played a vital role as well, designing and creating this modular, 100% customized test bench.

A unique design to meet unique needs

Our customer needs the ducts and their components to have different sizes and lengths. The challenge is to ensure that this test bench can adapt to the different ducts and their measurements.

It’s vital to check every detail as we’ll install these components in vacuum vessels. This means that once in operation, we won’t be able to access the interior.

Before starting any fusion reaction, we need to create a vacuum to remove any organic molecules, which would otherwise be broken by the hot plasma. We also need vacuum to create the right density, approximately one million times lower than the density of air.

Our experience in custom jobs as well as inspection with helium leak testing was decisive in our client’s decision to work with us on this exciting project.

At Cryospain we thrive on working with you on demanding jobs like this one. It allows us to bring together our multidisciplinary experience and the highest technology and offer the best solutions to meet your technical needs.

Helium testing: our specialty

As we said, a crucial point in this project is helium testing to verify the tightness of the ducts. We are experts in this highly reliable system, which we use to detect leaks up to 10-11 mbar L/s.

For the process, we’ll bring the duct to high vacuum ensuring there are no pores in the system. We can thereby guarantee no problems during our client’s testing process, which subjects the ducts to extreme conditions.

Cryospain: your perfect partner for high-tech projects

At Cryospain we want to meet your technical needs and make your projects a reality. We’ll put all the production capacity of our two manufacturing centers and our technical team of engineers at your disposal.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here or by email at and see for yourself that we’re ready to design and manufacture everything your business needs.

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