Our commitment is clear: employee training is one of the pillars positioning Cryospain among the most important cryogenic engineering companies in the world.

For Cryospain, our people are everything. We would not be able to provide the international service we do without taking care of our team close to home. Built upon their shoulders is a network that now extends across the whole world. Learning is not only a tool for personal development, it also generates talent. It is therefore a vital element within the company.

Learning as the driver for talent and excellence

In our sector, techniques are always advancing rapidly. To keep up with the global market, we need to commit to providing our teams with the latest available strategies.

Cryospain’s mission is to stay on our trajectory and keep working towards growth and market leadership. So, we called upon Javier Ortego, a coach ranked among the 100 best in the world by The Economist, to guide us toward this goal.

Ortego orchestrated this very special training over three intense and fruitful days. Using the latest techniques and methodologies, he developed and enhanced the capabilities of our cryogenics experts. He also provided specific training to level up the support we provide our customers using neuroscience techniques.

At every step, Javier insisted on practical examples and real-life context. He situated his training at all times in authentic environments, our day to day.

This course has served to update our team’s skill set and prepare them to take on new challenges. A team already brimming with talent was able to get every ounce of value out of the sessions. The result: growth both technical and personal for the men and women that make up our team.

Our people: our most valuable resource

Cryospain’s technical team has spent more than 12 years at the crest the of cryogenic engineering industry. Continuous training allows them to combine this wealth of experience with the latest procedures and skills. If you want your project in the hands of experts who are constantly learning, why not contact them right now?

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