At Cryospain, we’re known for providing premium after-sales service, including inspections, maintenance and repairs. In this article, we talk about all we can do for your pressurized tanks.

We know your business needs ongoing support and premium services, long after your equipment is installed. And we believe in offering you a one-stop shop for all your needs. We have both the team of professionals and the highly specialized technical means for all types of repairs of cryogenic equipment, which we can perform either in our very own workshop or at our clients’ facilities.

One of our key services is the maintenance and refurbishment of pressurized tanks for all types of cryogenic fluids. If you want to get your tanks back working like the first day they came into service, our experts have every aspect covered:

Vacuum repumping to restore isolation

You know your tanks are not at their most efficient if they develop condensation on their jacket or are cold to the touch. Restore optimum vacuum insulation with industry-leading pumps and technicians drawing on more than 20 years of experience.

Inspection and repair of tank valves and safety devices

Safety first! Keeping your resources in proper working order doesn’t just save you money – it can save lives. Protect your people by letting our experts inspect every safety element on your equipment, fixing failures before they become serious problems for your business.

Re-certification of tanks via a certifying entity

New equipment needs proper certification, but your existing certifications also expire and must be periodically renewed. Cryospain can handle re-certification via an internationally recognized entity. If it’s time to recertify your tanks, why not let us take care of it as well?

Helium leak deteection guide

For a truly one-stop service from vacuum repumping through to the proper certification of your vital equipment, why not speak to Cryospain today and put your tanks in the right hands?

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