With these two new cryogenic tanks in Egypt and Morocco, Cryospain continues to consolidate its reputation and expansion worldwide.

We are proud to have started work on two new flat bottom cryogenic tanks. They will be used for the storage of large quantities of liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Cryospain will handle the complete tank design, thanks to our engineering and delineation department. As always, we will use the latest computer aided programs for 2D and 3D designs. In addition, we will carry out complete strength and flexibility studies using finite element software, among others.

Our growing production capacity, the key to success

We will prefabricate the elements in our two in-house production facilities. This is also where we’ll procure the materials required for the assembly of the cryogenic tanks. Once we’ve completed this process, we’ll ship the elements to the site for assembly of the tank.

The first of these new projects is a metallurgical factory specialized in steel, in the Egyptian town of Sokhna. This strategic location boasts one of the fastest growing commercial ports in the region, as well as being very close to the Suez Canal and 130 kilometers from the capital, Cairo. The tank will have a capacity for 1500 m3 of liquid oxygen.

The second project consists of a flat bottom liquefied natural gas tank located in Morocco. To be precise, in Tendrara, the site of one of the largest gas fields in the country. This field has an innovative system for extracting and liquefying natural gas. The facility will deliver an annual volume of up to 350 million cubic meters of natural gas per year to the Maghreb-Europe pipeline for a period of ten years. This contract also includes the design of the civil works.

With this project, we are making history, both for us as a company and for Morocco. The tank will not only have a capacity of 6000 m3, making it the largest tank supplied by Cryospain, but it will also be the very first cryogenic tank in the country.

Always at the cutting edge of the cryogenics sector

Cryospain is proud to once again provide innovative and emblematic projects in the sector. We believe in offering you all our potential, professionalism and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of your flat bottom cryogenic tanks.
We constantly strive to achieve the highest quality in our projects, as well as to provide the highest customer service. This is what positions us as your best partner for the execution of any cryogenic project worldwide.

If you need advice to make your cryogenic solutions a reality, why not contact us here? We’ll be happy to help you every step of the way.

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