Cryospain’s new turnkey project for two cryogenic tanks is practically on our doorstep, just outside Madrid.

At Cryospain, we go wherever you need us. So, our projects are often thousands of kilometers away from home. Not the case, however, for these two new cryogenic flat bottom tanks, which we will build on the outskirts of our own city of Madrid! One will store 800 m3 of liquid oxygen (LOX) and the other 1,500 m3 of liquid nitrogen. Both are scheduled for delivery in early 2023.

The turnkey project is for a new plant for industrial and medical gases. This new production center will be able to supply nearby hospitals and produce oxygen for those hospital patients most in need. Oxygen demand has a special relevance nowadays, too, in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Engineering, design, manufacture and assembly – we’ve got it all covered

Our team of engineers and technicians have already started work on the custom design of the two new cryogenic flat bottom tanks. Our technical department leverages next-gen software such as AUTOPIPE, AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, INVENTOR, among others. The client therefore gets maximum precision in the development of detailed drawings, simulations, calculations and analysis of the entire project.

After the engineering and design phase, our production department manufactures the necessary components to make these two new tanks a reality. We have two manufacturing centers equipped with the necessary machinery to tailor every element to our clients’ needs.

Quality: our obsession

We then subject these parts to the strictest quality controls. After these inspections, we check the components necessary for the assembly of the two cryogenic flat bottom tanks. Lastly, it’s time to ship the elements we’ve manufactured in our production centers and begin assembly. This includes the insulation of the bottom with foam glass as well as perlite for the annular space and the roof.

We handle the turnkey project in strict compliance with national and international regulations, as well as the customer’s unique requirements. In addition, we design, manufacture and assemble the stairway and platforms running around the outside of the tank. A stairwell runs from the ground up to the base of the tank, then spirals around the outside to the PSVs, purges, valves, etc. on the roof

Finally, we complete all the cleaning, purging, drying and inerting. We can then move on to the cooling down process, checking that every element is working as it should.

Our commitment to quality: the key to our reputation in cryogenic engineering

Cryospain is committed to quality and technology, two pillars that have made us leaders in the cryogenic engineering sector. We have been designing and manufacturing flat bottom storage tanks for more than 20 years. Our international experience in these turnkey projects makes us the ideal partner to meet your design, manufacture and assembly needs.

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