We want to update you on the important progress in this, our 5th LNG-powered ship project

New LNG-powered ship project. Cryospain, specialist in cryogenic systems, is excited to be designing and manufacturing a cryogenic piping system which will transform a ship’s motor system from traditional diesel fuel to cleaner Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).

An ongoing mission

This is the fifth time Cryospain is taking part in an environmentally-friendly and avant-garde project like this. Thanks to our experience and high cryogenic technology, we’ve been tasked with retro-fitting a large vessel with a greener alternative to traditional fuels. With this new challenge, we take a further step in consolidating our reputation as drivers of the shift from fuels high in contaminants to smarter, cleaner choices like Liquid Natural Gas. Of course, all the conversion works we carry out on ships meet the new guidelines laid out in IMO 2020.

We are carrying out the manufacture of the vacuum-piping systems in Cryospain’s very own shop in our hometown of Madrid. Designed by our skilled teams of engineers and draftsmen, efficiency and quality are the joint objectives in every detail.

At Cryospain, we believe the key to success is investing in the quality of our products. So, we always carry out each and every quality check. This means not only meeting current rules and regulations, but also ensuring our clients get the best possible product.

All systems go!

The setup process at the shipyard is currently in the advanced stages, so we’ll be able to begin our first operational tests soon. In other words, there’ll soon be another ship powered over the waves by Cryospain’s cryogenic technology!

At Cryospain, we take the environment seriously, which is why we have specialised in cleaner, more sustainable fuel alternatives. We know that this project is just one of many, many more to come!

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