Cryospain‘s commitment to the design and implementation of the most cutting-edge cryogenic equipment means that we place ourselves again and again at the center of progress towards a more sustainable future.

On this occasion, we refer to our new project in Rotterdam, in which we have been involved in the design, procurement, manufacturing and supply of the vacuum insulated piping system for transportation, distribution and filling of tank trucks that will transport hydrogen in liquid state to final consumers.

Hydrogen is positioned as a promising source of clean energy in the progress towards decarbonization and the energy transition. However, the ability to store and transport hydrogen in liquid form is crucial to advance in this direction, since only companies that are capable of doing it efficiently and safely have the key to progress in their hands.

This is precisely where Cryospain comes into play, providing the technology and specialized equipment for the safe and efficient handling of hydrogen in its liquid state. Let’s see more about this project and our involvement in it.

The advance of liquid hydrogen and the role of Cryospain

In this project, we have become allies of one of the leading gas companies in the market, with more than 80 years of experience focused on the distribution of liquefied air gasses and an extensive experience in the cryogenic sector.

Knowing about the importance of liquid hydrogen today (and in the foreseeable future), the company is in the process of building its second liquid hydrogen liquefaction plant. It is not an unimportant achievement, as this project plans to double Europe’s liquid hydrogen supply capacity, being operational by 2025.

This supply of liquid hydrogen will be used to supply various high-tech industries, from the aeronautical and aerospace industries to the automotive industry. In other words, when addressing sustainable mobility or clean energy generation and industry, it is projects like this one that are taking the lead.

In short, this is significant progress towards the decarbonization of heavy industries, energy independence and the zero emissions goals set by the EU and UN for 2050.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, Cryospain’s role in this project consists of the design, procurement, manufacturing and supply of the vacuum insulated piping system for transportation, distribution and filling of tank trucks.

Our role is divided into several stages:

  • In July 2023 we began work on the design of the piping system. This includes operations such as flexibility analysis, calculation of reactions in supports, routing, segmentation, detailed engineering for manufacturing and material specification. This phase is planned to be complete by the end of 2023
  • From the end of 2023 to June 2024 we will begin the manufacturing of all elements and their integration with valves and instrumentation for automated operation
  • The next phase consists of a series of staggered deliveries that are integrated into the project.

The supplied pipes are diverse, and include vacuum-insulated pipe, single pipe and double wall pipe. Additionally, in the case of double-wall cryogenic tubes, we will execute the vacuum in our workshop to facilitate on-site installation and ensure the highest level of vacuum quality and, therefore, exceptional thermal performance.

Some of the technical specifications of the project include:

  • A total supply of 496m in diameters Dn 80,100,150 and 200
  • Compliance with standards and regulations including:
    • Directive 2014/68/EU (European Pressure Equipment Directive)
    • ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.12 Standards for Hydrogen in Pipelines
    • NDE according to ASME V
  • Carrying out quality tests including:
    • Thermal performance tests for liquid hydrogen
    • Leak tests with helium in the workshop (Helium Leak test)
    • Pressure test in workshop

All in all, our participation in this project means we are once again committed to helping our client access our Cryoline pipes by adapting the project to their needs, ultimately doing our part in moving towards a more sustainable future.


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