Cryospain’s commitment to environmentally-friendly technology continues with this Spanish LNG project for shipping.

This vacuum insulated piping project is one Cryospain can be proud of for a number of reasons. Firstly, the cryolines will contribute to making shipping greener. How? By overhauling the engine system on board the one of the ships that makes up a client’s fleet in the south of Spain. We installed the vacuum insulated piping for the transfer of LNG, as well as double wall piping for Natural Gas. This means cleaner fuel and cleaner air along our coastlines too.

But it’s also an honour to see clients choosing to put their projects in our expert hands again. This is our second vacuum insulated piping project with this company which shares our passion for cleaner fuels. Our aim is always to carry out projects in a way that builds trust and long-lasting relationships.

IMO 2020 and the switch to cleaner fuels

The boom in the demand for vacuum insulated piping for LNG retrofits is thanks in great part to IMO 2020. This regulation “is the first in a series of International Maritime Organization (IMO) measures to reduce marine pollution.”

Its aim is to “significantly improve the ecological footprint of the shipping industry.”

We are proud of our role in driving changes in the shipping industry, helping clients as well as the environment.

An extensive project under RINA’s certification

We built over 150 metres of vacuum insulated piping and 115 meters of vent lines on the boat. The vessel’s third-party certification is handled by RINA, so our experts had to meet those standards too. They did so and as a result RINA awarded Cryospain a certificate for our quality work.

You can check it out in the “Excellence as a goal” section of our company page.

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