In this article we want to talk about the installation of four new flat-bottom cryogenic tanks. Although they are in very different locations, they have certain similarities.

Cryospain built these four flat-bottom tanks to supply air separation units (ASU) for the steel industry. While one project was in Ostrava, Czechia and the other in distant Kalinganagar, Odisha, India, they do share certain aspects. For example, both installations serve two of the biggest players in the global steel industry. Both projects involve two tanks as well; one for storing LIN and the other for LOX.

Let’s take a look at the specifics of the two builds:

The Kalinganagar tank

This project is a great an example of the distances Cryospain will go to turn our clients’ projects into a reality. The air separation unit (ASU) is situated in the planned industrial town of Kalinganagar. One of the tanks can store 1,756m3 of LOX, while the other, at 5,000m3 of LIN, is a huge tank for this kind of application.

The Ostrava tank

This build, closer to home for Cryospain, supplies an air separation unit for a major steel production company. The project boasts two tanks, one with a capacity of 2,500m3 of LOX and the other 2,000m3 of LIN.

EPC or EP + S? Cryospain offers flexible solutions

While both of these projects supply air separation units (ASU) for the steel industry, each client is unique. So, we always aim to offer our services in a way that suits each customer.

The Czechia project is what we call “EPC” in our sector. This means a full turnkey solution including the design and supply of the kit as well as the build itself.

The Indian project, on the other hand, is what we call “EP +S”, covering engineering, supply and supervision of the build.

So, whatever your preferences or requirements are, Cryospain is flexible enough to meet them.

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Whatever the location, whatever your requirements, Cryospain delivers

Our tanks are in use the world over and not just for air separation units like the ones above. We supply a vast range of industries from food to medicine. What all of the projects we undertake have in common is our guarantee of safety, flexibility and quality. If you’d like to learn more about our services and how they can boost your project, why not contact our team of experts today?

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