Work in confined spaces is always a challenge and one our experts take very seriously. In this article we’ll take you through how we managed the mechanical build of a Flat Bottom Cryogenic Tank in Texas City.

Cryospain’s experts always do the job right, whatever the challenges. In the case of this 3,280m3 LOX service tank in Texas City, the main complication was the confined spaces. This type of work poses certain hazards and is subject to extensive regulations.

Our technicians finished the last shell of the inner tank before hoisting the roof onto the tank. Confined spaces regulations therefore had to be taken into account from that moment on. Over the the last 8 weeks of a build like this, our technicians will often work in increasingly confined and hazardous conditions (low, medium and high-risk).

Low-risk confined spaces

For the first period after installation of the roof, the regulations consider the environment as “low-risk confined spaces”. During this period, there are controls on entry and exit and a rescue plan is drawn up. Any worker entering a confined space must alway carry an oxygen monitor. This tool can save lives as if oxygen levels drop below 19%, it beeps to alert the wearer.

Medium-risk spaces

As spaces become tighter during the build, the regulations become stricter. For example, Cyospain implements a “buddy system” in medium-risk confined spaces. Each worker must now pair up with another. They must then stay in close proximity and within visual contact of one another.

High-risk spaces

Towards the end of the build, workers will often find themselves in “high-risk confined spaces”. All work now takes place under supervision of professional rescue workers such as firemen. We provide all the specific PPE for our workers and they must now be within visual and audible distance at all times.

Quality and safety: Cryospain’s guarantee

If you have a challenging job and want to make sure that it is in the hands of real experts, talk to us today. It will be our pleasure to show you how we’ll guarantee safety as well as quality for your project.

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