Cryospain’s influence on international markets continues with new cryogenic engineering projects. Two Flat-Bottom Tanks for LIN and LOX storage in Russia.

COVID-19 has thrown plans into disarray across all sectors. So we feel proud and privileged to continue our work on new international cryogenic engineering projects around the world. We believe this is thanks to our advanced digital ecosystem, as well as our highly-skilled human capital. 

A new challenge – in a challenging time

This time, we’ve won the bid for two new cryogenic engineering projects: Two flat-bottom cryogenic tanks for the Russian Federation. The storage tanks will have 1500 m3 of LIN (Liquid Nitrogen) and 1000 m3 of LOX (Liquid Oxygen) capacity. They will of course also comply with all current safety regulations required for this type of installation.

Cryospain is always committed to the safety and quality of its products and designs. It is how we have built a reputation as an industry leader in the design of reliable cryogenic storage systems. With the current global crisis, however, we are going the extra mile to ensure the safety of every man and woman involved in the project.

Attention to detail – the key to Cryospain’s success

Cryospain will design the tanks, produce each component of the product and send on to its destination in line with the incoterm DAP supply. The client will subsequently carry out the field assembly, under the watchful eye of one of our specialized supervisors. As always, this is to ensure that the established designs, the rigorous international safety standards, as well as our own rigorous quality standards, are all met. We are currently in the first phase, during which our teams are completing the main drawings. These include the general layout drawing, civil works guide drawings with loads, assembly drawings for the inner and outer tanks in addition to the ITP. 

Building on the solid foundations of experience

At Cryospain we already have experience in flat-bottom cryogenic tank projects that comply with the specific regulations of the Eurasian community. We already delivered a successful large-capacity cryogenic storage tank project in Uzbekistan a few years ago. Tailoring our cryogenic designs and products to changing regulations in each country is simply business as usual for Cryospain.

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