We have repaired hundreds of vacuum-insulated piping systems, but this time the urgent situation called for record-breaking speed

Cryospain is a truly international company that specializes in the design, manufacture and repair of cryogenic systems. Our latest job saw us providing emergency response to a critical cryogenic installation.

Record speed in spite of challenging times

Our experts managed to identify and fix the critical issue in record time. This was a remarkable feat, and not just because of the hugely challenging health crisis the world is currently facing. But also because the emergency call came from the outskirts of Paris, about 1,300km from our production centre!

An out-of-the-ordinary emergency call

Last August, one of our clients, whose company fills liquid helium containers, contacted our sales department reporting a leak in one of their vacuum-insulated filling ramps. The client needed a fast, safe response to be able to continue their operations. The leak had brought work at the plant to a complete standstill, cutting off the supply of helium to consumers. The client’s business was suffering more with each passing day so we needed to act fast.

Cryospain’s industry leading operational capacity meant the plant could be back up and running in just 5 days, including the travel time of our operator. Our vacuum technician had detected the leak in the vacuum-insulated piping systems only two hours after arrival, performing our world-class helium tests as a first step. Once we’d located the leak, we got to work welding it closed. 30 minutes later, we were already running a new helium test on our repair, which turned out to be 100% succesful. To complete the repair work and commissioning of the installation, we created a vacuum over 4 days. This ensures proper insulation, and therefore maximum durability for the repair.

We go where you need us, when you need us

This lightning response to our client’s emergency only consolidates Cryospain’s reputation as an example in cryogenic system repair and maintenance. Our cutting-edge machinery and most of all the highly-qualified men and women in our team mean we’re ready to go wherever our clients need us, just when they need us most.

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