Cryospain has started a new project for the engineering, design, prefabrication, supply and shipment of a 2,725 m3 flat bottom cryogenic tank to store liquid nitrogen (LIN).

Today we could not imagine a world without the advances created by electronics. From telecommunications, transportation, medicine, health, image and sound, etc.

Electronics is here to help us and create a more human-friendly environment. All machines and electronic objects have something in common, they are composed of microchips. For the manufacture of these microchips, cryogenic nitrogen is necessary

Technologically speaking, we have advanced more in the last 60 years than in the last 500. Thanks to the multiprocessing work provided by microchips, we can execute a multitude of high-speed commands all at the same time, without fatigue and without pause.

The microchip, the invention that has revolutionized the world

The microchip was invented in 1953 by Jack S. Kilby, who combined six transistors on a single semiconductor board into a single circuit. From that primitive microchip to the present day there has been an enormous evolution. Today, a modern microchip is the equivalent of thousands of computers from just 20 years ago.

The first microchip measured 11.5mm. Today, a microchip can measure 14nm, which is equivalent to 1/14 billionth of a meter! Here within lies the heart of today´s electronics, which makes the complex systems that make up our gadgets work, such as telephones, computers, automobiles, calculators, microwaves, televisions, etc.

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen, the key to the best microchips

This technological feat requires the use of cryogenic nitrogen. Its ability to rapidly cool components reduces electrical resistance and improves performance. It also protects against moisture and eliminates contaminants surrounding the manufacturing process. Thanks to the low temperatures provided by liquid nitrogen, etching within the microchip circuitry is improved.

Cryospain plays a key role in cryogenic engineering

Cryospain has a key role in achieving these high-tech parts such as microchips, thanks to the development and manufacture of flat bottom cryogenic tanks, as in this project.

We are carrying out the engineering, design and manufacture of a flat bottom cryogenic tank for liquid nitrogen, which will be located in a new microchip factory in the USA.

Cryospain engineers know that their performance must be perfect and precise for the microchips to have a very high level of quality. That is why our customer trusts our more than 20 years of experience in cryogenic engineering for the creation of this new 2,725 m3 tank. The new tank will meet all the needs and standards requested by our customer.

This is not our first experience in the USA, where we have already built 5 flat bottom cryogenic tanks. With this sixth tank, we position ourselves as one of the key European players for cryogenic engineering on North American soil. Always offering a professional service adapted to the needs of our customers.

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