Cryospain has won a new project for the engineering, design, prefabrication, supply and shipment of a 1,000 m3 flat bottom cryogenic tank to store liquid nitrogen (LIN).

This new cryogenic tank cements the company’s international focus, with almost 50 flat-bottom tanks designed, built and distributed in 22 different countries.

We’ll be in charge of the tank’s design in 2D and 3D and testing its integrity using finite element software. Our experts will also manufacture critical parts of the tank in our two own production facilities. This will include the most delicate parts of the flat-bottom cryogenic tank and the necessary piping, both vacuum-insulated and simple. We will also take care of the control panel and all the necessary anchorages to safely and efficiently position the tank.  

Curitiba, one of the most important cities in Latin America today

This new project is located in Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná. This is one of the areas of Brazil with the healthiest growth both in population and industry. The outskirts of Paraná are the setting for a fast-expanding automotive and technological hub.

Curitiba is one of the Brazilian municipalities that has invested most in innovation. Despite the pandemic, it’s still considered among the best cities in Latin America to invest in.

The city is also home to an important air separation plant (ASU), where nitrogen will be extracted and cryogenically stored in this new tank Cryospain is building.

The importance of nitrogen

Nitrogen has a multitude of applications:

Food industry

To cool and control the temperature of food during processing, storage and transport. It is also key in modified atmosphere packaging which helps better preserve food without it losing its properties.


It has applications in cryodermatology and cryopreservation as well as for pulmonary function testing.

Automotive and Aerospace

Nitrogen is vital for welding or laser cutting, for the production of parts through the gas injection molding process, heat treatment of parts, even in some cases to inflate tires.

Electronic Components

The gas creates an inert atmosphere which prevents premature oxidation during the soldering process.

Cryospain: experts in the design, manufacture and installation of cryogenic tanks.

In Cryospain we believe in harnessing the latest technologies to support our customers in every phase of your projects. We offer one-stop, turnkey service, while ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

If you are involved in a cryogenic project or you need a cryogenic flat bottom tank, don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re looking forward to working with you.

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