What is a Gas Filling Station?

gas filling station, also known as fueling station  is the physical rack where industrial gas cylinders are filled, such as: oxygen, nitrogen, argon,…

We are specialists in customizing filling stations for a range of gases to meet each clients’ unique needs

Cryospain designs, manufactures and supplies turnkey solutions for high-pressure gas cylinder filling stations using the cryogenic processes we have built our reputation on.

When we say we adapt to the needs of each client, we mean it. This means carrying out a preliminary study of your requirements so we can design the safest and most reliable solutions tailored to you.

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Filling our clients with confidence

Cryospain builds quality customized gas cylinder filling stations for both national and international clients. We also offer industry-leading after-sales service and maintenance of your installation. This is regardless of whether they are our own or those of third parties.

We build filling stations for a wide range of gases, such as Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2), Argon (Ar), Protoxide (N2O) or mixtures of the above. Their applications are equally broad. In industry, take welding; in the food industry, for example in the packaging that keeps our food safe; and we cannot forget their vital use in hospitals and medicine.

These industrial gases are compressed into a liquid state using cryogenic piston pumps, allowing us to reach pressures in excess of 300. In addition, Cryospain designs, manufactures and installs filling ramps for up to 20 cylinders at a time.

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Cryospain’s filling stations: a buoyant reputation

More and more clients trust in Cryospain for comprehensive preventive maintenance, periodic inspection and repair of their filling stations and pressure equipment in line with Royal Decree 2060 / 2008 (ITC EPC). Of course, safety always comes first. We perform pressure tests and check valves, safety and control elements to ensure everything meets the strictest regulations.

At Cryospain, we believe insisting on quality in the design of our industrial infrastructures is the true key to success. We also understand the importance of meeting the standards required by each of the countries we operate in. Our high technology and manufacturing expertise guarantee safe and effective installations that meet all applicable regulations.

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