As our experts carry out complex hydropneumatic tests on our new tank in Krakow, Poland, we want to invite you to learn more about this and the many other tests that make our engineering services famous in our sector.

Cryospain’s reputation is not only built on providing tailored solutions for your business, whatever and wherever it may be. Our engineering services cover everything from supervising builds to training your people as well.

We are currently at the phase of running hydropneumatic tests on our latest tank for a Polish client. We’d like to show you what this entails, and then take you through some of the other services our experienced teams offer.

Hydropneumatic tests

Of all of our engineering services, hydropneumatic tests are among the most important – and the most complex.

We run this test when the inner tank is made of stainless steel. Our experts begin the test by filling the tank with water and leaving it stand for a maximum of 24hrs. They then run pressure and vacuum tests on the inner tank before repeating these tests on the outer tank. They gradually empty the tank, running more tests before painstakingly cleaning the bottom of the tank.

This is among our most complex and in demand engineering services. Needless to say, every step takes place under the strictest supervision.

Learn more about hydropneumatic test

Other services we offer

You can find a complete list of our engineering services on our webpage, but some of our most in demand include the following:

  • Supervision of the build itself
  • Test and safety check supervision
  • Startup supervision
  • Training in use of equipment

As you can see, Cryospain involves itself fully in our client’s projects. The engineering services above are directly related to the offering full assessments of your plans, advice and support, as well as follow-up on all the works involved with making your designs a reality.

We invite you to take a look around the engineering services section of our webpage here to see if we can help you take your business to the next level. When you choose Cryospain, you choose a company with a reputation built on safety and quality. You can be safe in the knowledge that for each and every project we apply the right specific documentation and our deep understanding of codes and standards.

Talk to us today and find out what our engineers can do for you!

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