A new project gets underway for Cryospain in Saudi Arabia. Our experts will design and build a Flat Bottom cryogenic tank for Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) for the “NEOM Green Hydrogen Project”.

Promoting green hydrogen is key to Cryospain’s environmental strategy. With this latest ambitious Middle Eastern project, we’ll again draw on more than 20 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of cryogenic tanks. This is a project that will mean combining the strictest quality standards with our commitment to the planet.

Neom Green Hydrogen, the world’s largest Green Ammonia facility

Our cryogenic tank will help drive the “Neom Green Hydrogen” project. This historic facility will be the world’s largest commercial green hydrogen base powered entirely by renewable energy.

In 2026, the facility will have a daily production capacity of 600 tons of clean hydrogen through electrolysis. It will also produce around 1.2 million tons of green ammonia per year for maritime transport as a green fuel.  

This industrial complex, future home to Cryospain’s cryogenic tank, will power the megacity of Neom. The brand new metropolis will be located in Tabuk province in the northwest of Saudi Arabia on the shores of the Red Sea.  

Truly green city planning

The new city of Neom is arguably the most innovative ever conceived. Its design connects linear settlements via an underground transportation system, to link the Red Sea coast with the mountains and valleys of the country’s northeast. Car and road-free by design, its creators dream of eliminating the stress of traffic, congestion and pollution.  

The project is a manifestation of a belief that urban design should focus on people. Everything, from schools and hospitals as well as facilities and green spaces, a five-minute walk away.

The city will get the power it needs from renewable sources, chiefly solar energy and green hydrogen. Its location is perfect for maximizing solar power as well as producing green hydrogen in large quantities.

The macro-facility will also produce nitrogen through air separation processes.

It is estimated that this project will save about 5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. Optimized use of solar energy is one key factor in this. But vital as well is the use of green ammonia to store excess energy produced by the solar power plants.

Our cryogenic tank: a key component

Our services will focus on a turnkey cryogenic tank for liquid nitrogen (LIN), including supervision of installation as well as commissioning. This new tank will have a capacity of 3150 m3 and will be located in the air separation complex. Our experts will tackle the connection to any necessary pumps as well as all safety systems.

First steps are already underway. Our engineers and draughtsmen have carried out the initial 2D and 3D drawings, as well as the corresponding finite element studies to structurally secure the facilities attached to the tank, including all piping.

Cryospain cements its presence in the Middle East

Cryospain already has a growing presence in the Middle East, thanks to the projects we have successfully completed in this part of the world. We’ve put flat bottom cryogenic tanks in Egypt, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. This new tank in Saudi Arabia further positions Cryospain as a sector-leader in the region.

If you’re undergoing a cryogenic project, why not contact us here? Or alternatively email us at: cryospain@cryospain.com. We look forward to working with you.

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