As part of this first-of-its-kind project, we’ll build two skids for liquid oxygen (LOX) supply within revolutionary launch bases for rockets. Cryospain’s technology, anywhere on Earth and aiming for the stars.

Set to begin in Fall of this year, this project will see Cryospain build key liquid oxygen supply modules for a ground-breaking new system developed by French startup SpaceDreamS. The big idea is to standardize launch bases for rockets, making them interoperable as well as being transportable.

Today there are 20-25 rocket launch programs in Europe alone. Huge amounts of space flight budgets disappear into one-shot launch bases that are also incompatible with each other. So, this revolution of mobile and standardized bases is one Cryospain is excited to be a part of.

This isn’t the first time we’ve taken part in space travel-related initiatives. For example, Cryospain’s experts provided cutting-edge pipe-in-pipe technology for a revolutionary UK SABRE (Synergistic Air- Breathing Rocket Engine) project.

State-of-the-art equipment for a space exploration revolution

Our engineers will be designing two liquid oxygen (LOX) supply systems within skid modules. Their purpose is to inject the launch base’s motors with LOX at extremely high flow rates and pressures. 

We’ll add pneumatic actuator fail close valves with limit switches and solenoids to our state-of the art piping system. We’ll also design the entire system for optimal flow between the skids and the LOX tank.

Our team will install one skid connected to “bundles” (300bar nitrogen blocks) and to a liquid oxygen (LN2) tank. SpaceDreamS calls this area the LoxBox. The other skid will be located within an area they call a Launcher Mockup, along with a high-pressure LOX tank of just under a cubic meter, designed and manufactures by Cryospain, for liquid oxygen supply. This compact size allows for the high-performance tank to fit perfectly within these modular systems. 

Cryospain’s designers will ensure the piping system too is adaptable to any base, anywhere in the world. The potential improvements, both in terms of time and money spent on rocket launches, are huge.

Work will start in our very own workshops here in Spain, where we’ll carry out the engineering as well as the manufacture of every element in the skid modules and the compact LOX tank. Our team will then travel to a military facility in Bordeaux to carry out installation and activation of the prototype. 

Cryospain: the ideal technological partner from multinationals to startups

We relish the challenges that come to us from companies of every kind. Whether we’re working with the private sector, national transport bodies or disruptive startups like SpaceDreamS, the important thing for us is finding a solution tailored to your unique needs.

Why not get in touch with us today here, or drop us an email at We’re looking forward to making your project a reality.

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