Cryospain is proud of our mission to tackle polluting fuels in transport. A good example of this is our participation in Europe-wide projects to promote the switch to LNG, in trains among other vehicles.

Natural gas has all the right ingredients to replace traditional rail transport fuels. If only because using it in transportation vehicles’ engines drastically reduces harmful emissions. But when we use Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) as fuel, we improve environmental impact across the board. When compared with regular diesel engine emissions, here are some stats for LNG trains:

LNG for train transport: the stats

  • CO2 emissions down 20-30%.
  • CO emission down 70-90%
  • SO2 down by as much as 99%
  • 90% less particles in the atmosphere

And the impressive numbers don’t stop there. From a pure cost point of view, LNG trains are still the better choice. In fact, liquid natural gas is more competitive than any other fuel derived from petrol. This is because its price fluctuates independently of Brent crude oil price charts.

Proud to help build next-gen LNG trains

Here at Cryospain, we are passionate about innovation in Cryogenic solutions. We are heavily involved in a range of projects aimed at the switch to smarter, greener fuels. And not just on land – check out this ship retrofit project we took part in.

Cryospain is proud of its part in innovative schemes aimed at laying the the foundations for a move to LNG train use across Europe. One of our proudest moments was our contribution to the the very first LNG-powered freight train in Spain.

These LNG train projects see our experts put in charge of the design and assembly of:

  • the LNG storage systems
  • the vaporisation set-up
  • the CNG compressor
  • the GNL fuelling device
  • a host of other secondary devices

An inspirational mission

The LNG train movement excites us on many different levels. Firstly, it positions Spain at the forefront of change in global rail transport. Secondly, it is a huge step towards meeting the carbon reduction and energy efficiency goals set out by the Spanish Government.

At Cryospain, we know that great technology is great for the environment. We can and must reduce the impact the transport industry has on the air we breathe. But this is only one small part of our commitment to dealing with climate change. We are passionate about building the right systems and promoting the right technologies. And we know that by choosing this approach, sustainable development can be a reality

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