Cryospain has been chosen for a new vacuum insulated piping (VIP) project in two LNG bunkering port terminals. The projects will help make shipping cleaner along Spain’s Cantabrian coast, in Bilbao and Santander.

Our wealth of experience and our production capacity, mean we’ll be designing and manufacturing 1.5 kilometers of vacuum insulated piping.  The purpose of the project is one we’re passionate about as well: LNG Bunkering to fuel ships and boats.

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Our vacuum pipeline system, the very best in cryogenic technology

Our vacuum insulated piping system will connect the storage plant with the LNG Bunkering port’s loading and unloading jetty. This technology also allows our clients to limit gasification of liquefied gas during transfer thanks to its high thermal efficiency.

Demand for LNG in the maritime sector (and LNG bunkering port terminals) has never been so high, and there’s a very good reason for that. It is a much more environmentally friendly fuel than traditional fuel oil, gasoline and diesel. It is therefore an excellent alternative energy source for the combustion engines that equip ships and boats.

LNG Bunkering eliminates the need for traditional fuels, cutting CO2 by 24% and nitrogen oxide by more than 85%. There are also practically no sulfur dioxide emissions and almost no particulate matter. The latter is the main cause of respiratory problems in children and the elderly in urban environments.

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Cryospain: sector-leaders in the design and manufacture of cryogenic vacuum insulated piping

So, how do we go about a job like this? Firstly, our engineering department will perform the 3D design, structural and stress studies via finite element analysis. Our engineers then use SOLIDWORKS and AUTOPIPE ADVANCED software to achieve the safest and most efficient design.

Our experts will design this vacuum insulated piping complex to ASME B31.3 with a design pressure of up to 19 Bars.

Quality and efficiency – our guiding principles

Cryospain’s own facilities boast two production centers (2000 m2 each). This is where our specialized technicians and operators will manufacture the vacuum insulated piping. To guarantee the highest quality standards, every step will also be monitored by our team of quality technicians.

At Cryospain we guarantee our customers efficient technical solutions. We don’t only adjust to their needs and requirements. We ensure our quality, availability of the latest technology and sector-leading service keeps to our standards as well. Does your roadmap involve cryogenic installations like LNG Bunkering, or are you looking for a pipe in pipe supplier? Why not contact us

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