Cryospain is proud to announce a new European project – we’ll be taking on the design and supply of a nitrogen storage and regasification plant in Poland.

Work is already underway on new a liquid nitrogen (LIN) storage and regasification plant. It will handle the inerting of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal in Poland.

The plant will supply 911 kg/hr of nitrogen at 9 barg to the LNG terminal and feature a storage tank for 50 cubic meters of liquid nitrogen.

This project is fully turnkey, Cryospain’s specialty. This means our experts will take care of each and every phase of the project. We not only manage its design down to the last detail, but also the supply, build and launch of the skids.

Cryospain: years of experience in regasification systems

Our line of plants and stations includes regasification plants for liquefied gases ranging in size from 150 Nm3/h to 50,000 Nm3/h. We offer these both in turnkey and design and supply mode.

This type of plant can be tailored to any liquefied gas, both industrial gases such as LIN, LOX, LAR or LHe and gases for linking energy such as LNG, BioLNG or LH2.

The system for this particular plant will consist of: 

  • a liquid nitrogen cryogenic storage tank
  • two parallel vaporizers
  • two electric heaters
  • specific valves

All via a control panel, centralizing processes as well as guaranteeing maximum safety.

Our commitment to quality, no matter the conditions

Cryospain is committed to excellence and quality in its projects, complying with the highest international codes, norms and standards. We also understand the importance of meeting your project’s unique needs.

Because of the location of this new LIN storage and regasification plant, our technical team will have to tackle tough weather conditions. Our customer needs us to protect their systems from a challenging climate. We’ll face high humidity, very corrosive sea air as well as bitter cold. We’ve put together a protocol to ensure success in spite of the conditions.

At Cryospain we know the importance of regasification centers for our industry. Our commitment to the latest technology means that we bring our global clients the best solutions, so you can be more productive and efficient.

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