Cryospain consolidates its position as an industry-leader in the switch to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for the maritime industry, winning two new projects for the design, manufacture and installation of cryogenic piping.

Our reputation in the global shift to greener fuels continues to grow. We’ve won the contract for two further maritime projects. The first is a ship retrofit, helping install a low-emissions system on an existing boat. The second, however, is on a brand new ship that from its conception has opted for Natural gas as its greener fuel choice.

Equipping two more ships with Cryospain’s cryoline technology

These projects seal our reputation as a company with a truly international reach. We can guarantee our customers that their projects will be up to the standards they have come to expect from Cryospain. Our team doesn’t just solve problems for our clients, we tailor each technical solution to their needs as well.

We are currently in the process of designing and manufacturing vacuum-insulated pipes for the ship retrofit and the new vessel. Using the most advanced computer-aided design software, our engineers have developed a pipe routing technique adapted to the complex structure of the ships.

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Experience and quality: the pillars of our success

Our team of engineers boasts a wealth of experience in this kind of project. With more than 10 ship retrofits or new-builds across the globe, our clients know their cryoline systems are in the hands of people with real expertise.

And these projects really do require a high level of skill. In the case of retrofits, a cryoline system must be adapted to a structure not originally intended to house it. Luckily, Cryospain’s experts have dealt with this problem enough times to provide simple and accurate as well as highly-effective solutions.

Across the two projects we have designed and will soon begin manufacturing almost 1000 meters of tailor-made cryolines, with diameters ranging from DN15 to DN100. This cryoline system will feature two types: Cryogenic Vacuum-Insulated Piping (VIP) and ventilated piping.

Cryospain has long been a champion of low-emission fuels to replace the traditional Diesel and Fuel-Oil engines. We know that more environmentally-friendly transport options are possible. Our hard work to achieve the goal of zero greenhouse emissions will continue.

Natural Gas, a cleaner future for maritime transport

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is a cryogenic product that is transported at approx. 160 degrees below zero. This means we can store more in a given space than with CNG (compressed natural gas). LNG represents a truly smart choice for maritime transport, as it is a clean, accessible fuel, which also makes economic sense.

Compared to fuel oil and diesel, LNG reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 20% to 25%. Slashing these emissions is vital in combatting the greenhouse effect. LNG also eliminates emissions of solid particles in suspension, reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by at least 80% and also virtually eliminates emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur oxides (SOx).

Cryospain, your engineering partner for the design and manufacture of cryoline systems

When you choose Cryospain, you get all our experience and our production capacity to implement Natural Gas across your fleet. Whether you need a ship retrofit or a system for brand new boats, you know you can count on our team.

If you want to speak to our experts in the design and manufacture of cryolines and ventilated pipes, you can contact us here. Or drop us an email at

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