The restoration of older tanks is a huge challenge, but it’s nothing our experts can’t handle and the benefits speak for themselves.

Cryospain is proud to get a challenging new project underway. Our experts will travel to the south of Italy to work on the refurbishment and restoration of two flat bottom tanks dating back to the 1970s. Although these tanks are still in operation today, they’re in need of thorough refurbishment to meet the requirements of the EIGA 127/20 standard.

Over the years since these tanks were commissioned, design and technology has evolved significantly. No one knows this better than Cryospain, thanks to our wealth of experience in the sector. We have been designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning cryogenic flat bottom tanks for more than 20 years. Tank refurbishment means a much lower investment compared to the construction of a new tank. It’s no wonder our customers are more and more interested in this approach.

After almost 50 years of hard work, these tanks deserve to be renovated!

With half a century of service under their belt, these cryogenic tanks located in Southern Italy are in need of refurbishment to get them back working safely and at full capacity. Our engineers have already started to specify the elements they’ll work on as part of this tank refurbishment project. They’ll take care of all of the following:

  • New PSV (safety valve) for the inner tank for the overflow and for the outer tank.
  • New venting system for evaporation gases.
  • New nitrogen purge system
  • New control panel for each tank, including instrumentation to control the equipment.
  • Removal of Perlite in order to inspect the condition of the inner tank anchors and bottom insulation.
  • Hydropneumatic and pneumatic testing of the tank, to check the condition of the tank and to locate possible leaks or failures. 
  • Cleaning of the tank for oxygen service 
  • Re-Perliting with new perlite. 
  • Supervision for cold start-up, to leave the tanks fully operational. 

We’ll give these veteran tanks some cutting-edge technological updates to ensure maximum safety and capacity. 

Tank refurbishment means savings for you and your business.

Restoration brings new life to your installation and means significant savings. You also get the dual benefits of meeting the strictest regulations and seeing your tanks running better than new. 

So, what are you waiting for? At Cryospain, we are leaders in European cryogenic engineering. We design and supply all the necessary parts for flat bottom cryogenic tanks. We’re also passionate about proper maintenance; we know it’s key to both safety and performance. 

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