We’re especially proud of this project to build a cryogenic flat bottom tank (FBT) in a region that presented a series of challenges

At Cryospain, we have a commitment to bringing our high cryogenic technology to our clients, wherever they may be. So, building this flat bottom tank (FBT) in the Ukraine is a point of pride for the company. It presented challenges on every level, both due to logistics and the political situation.

Situated near the separatist region in the East, the project site was a complicated one. Firstly, our experts had to deal with language issues as well as documents that needed to be in Russian. Transporting materials was also an important consideration as the area was volatile during the time period.

All of the above meant that sourcing our team was a challenge in itself. Cryospain has a commitment to the highest standards, so finding men and women qualified to work on a project as complex as this, while guaranteeing the quality we demand, was a feat we take great pride in.

A deep understanding of regional context is vital to our work

Another challenge in the completion of the 1573 m3 flat bottom tank (FBT) for liquid oxygen (LOX) storage, related to local regulations. The whole build had to take place in line with TR-CU regulations. Luckily, Cryospain’s engineers are experts in adapting our builds to any local standards and regulations.

We believe in making our clients projects all over the world a reality. And we know that this means we cannot shy away from the challenges each region presents. From the extreme heat and radiation of Abu Dhabi to the remote altitude of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, we build each flat bottom tank wherever our client’s projects require. And we’ll be delighted to hear about yours today.

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