We’ve talked in previous articles about our US expansion. We’re proud of our builds in the States and want to take you through this latest project in Alabama.

Our experts have returned to American soil to handle the engineering, development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a cryogenic tank.

Cryospain: a growing presence in the United States

Since 2017, Cryospain has been working hard to build our reputation in this dynamic market. We’ve done so by developing both cryogenic flat bottom tanks and customized cryogenic systems.

This time it is a tank with a capacity of 2,200m³ of LOX (Liquid Oxygen) on an elevated platform several meters high. For this cryogenic tank, our designers had to create a tailor-made ladder system.

Thanks to the trust our customers place in us, our presence in the United States has consistently grown. This cryogenic tank will serve a petrochemical plant in Calvert, Mobile County. Alabama.

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No two projects are identical, so we tailor every solution

All of our projects revolve around the unique needs of each customer and in full compliance with international and national quality and safety standards. We design our cryogenic flat bottomed tanks from the first sketches through to construction and commissioning. We pride ourselves on the smooth coordination between our engineering, design and production departments.

The entire technical elaboration process is carried out with computer-aided design programs, both in 2D and 3D, which give us a virtual simulation of the flat bottomed tanks. We also carry out finite element studies to ensure the whole installation is as structurally sound as possible

Our commitment to quality is what drives our growth

At Crysopain, we know that the right technological choices mean savings for our customers. By using truly cutting-edge tools, we can offer the best solutions at competitive prices without ever compromising on quality. We are keenly aware that our success depends on your trust in us, so your satisfaction is, and always will be, our top priority.

If you need advice for a new cryogenic tank or the repair of an existing one, do not hesitate to contact us here, or drop us an email at cryospain@cryospain.com.

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