Cryospain undertakes a new cryogenic storage project in Charleston, Tennessee (USA).

In a constantly evolving world, where technology and science advance by leaps and bounds, cryogenic storage has become a key piece for a wide range of industries and applications. Our client, a leader in the construction of gas processing plants in North America, is also at the forefront in the transition towards the production of what is known as ‘green hydrogen’ through the process of electrolysis.

Through our involvement in the project, at Cryospain we once again put ourselves on the side of sustainability, contributing our grain of sand in facilitating this transition. Let’s see how.

Liquid nitrogen tank in Charleston: the details

The project is being developed in Charleston, Tennessee (USA) and consists of the design, manufacturing, transportation and assembly of a flat-bottom tank for LIN (liquid nitrogen).

With a capacity of 1,382 m3, the tank to be manufactured is a low-pressure flat bottom tank with double wall insulation. To guarantee the best conditions, the interior of the tank will be made of A240 TP 304 stainless steel, while the exterior will present carbon steel protection. Likewise, the tank will be insulated using perlite on the walls and cellular glass at the bottom of the tank.

In this case, the client included a series of specific requirements to adapt the equipment to the needs of their plant. Thus, the tank must have a gas and liquid pipeline, designed and manufactured according to the data and process requirements of the plant. Likewise, this additional equipment must include the right instrumentation and safety devices for its protection.

Another particularity of the project is that it also includes the installation of an external helical ladder in the tank to facilitate access to the equipment on the tank roof.

As such, at Cryospain we confirm our commitment to developing customized equipment based on the specific needs of each project, thanks to two key assets in our value proposition: our in-house production capacity through our own workshops; and the knowledge and experience of more than two decades in cryogenic engineering of our expert teams.

Once the project requirements were established, the project began in August 2023 and is expected to be completed by March 2025, based on the following development phases:

  • Engineering phase developed at Cryospain’s facilities in Pinto, Madrid
  • Prefabrication phase in Cryospain’s workshop in Pinto, Madrid
  • Shipping of materials by container to the location
  • Tank assembly with the full-time supervision from one of our cryogenic tank experts
  • Functional verification tests based on the device design code API 620

Do you want to know more about Cryospain’s experience in cryogenic storage projects? Read about our work on a 1,000 m3 flat-bottom cryogenic tank for liquid nitrogen (LIN) storage in Brazil; or discover our cryogenic tank for high-tech microchip manufacturing in the USA.

If you need help in the development of your own cryogenic equipment project, at Cryospain we are here to help. From our cryogenic engineering consulting services to the comprehensive development of turnkey projects, we are committed to meeting the needs of each project. Get in touch with us and talk to our team.


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