The end of summer is approaching, but here at Cryospain the hard work hasn’t stopped. We’ve been keeping busy with a new project for an air separation plant in Spain!

The new vacuum insulated piping project is for an air separation plant (ASU) that will produce Liquid Oxygen (LOX) and Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) as well as Liquid Argon (LAR).

We’ll take care of the entire turnkey process including engineering, design, fabrication as well as installation. The VIP system will connect cryogenic storage tanks to the cold boxes in an ASU.

More than 650 meters of custom-made cryogenic piping

Our teams are already hard at work on the design and fabrication of the VIP system with a total length of more than 650 meters for LIN, LOX and LAR. To meet the needs of our client’s air separation unit (ASU), they’ll closely follow both international and local regulations.

We’re building VIP pipes with diameters ranging from DN 15 to DN 65. Having two of our very own production facilities makes it possible to build different sizes and lengths simultaneously without sacrificing quality.

Truly turnkey: Cryospain handles all the engineering work from measurement to commissioning.

Cryospain’s clients choose us because we can take care of everything. Our engineers have designed, measured and planned the VIP system that will allow the ASU to produce more than 2,400 tons of oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

This new production plant is 100% sustainable with zero emissions. The raw material is the very air we breathe. Through a cryogenic separation process the air is broken down into its components: nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

These gases, once separated and stored, can be used in practically all industrial sectors. They not only have applications in the field of technology but also in research, as well as in the health sector. Of course, the latter has witnessed a great increase in demand due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Cryospain uses only the latest technology to offer the highest quality to you, our clients.

This VIP system is just one example of the cutting-edge technology we apply in all our projects. Cryospain’s experts’ work is both reliable and efficient, but it’s also very flexible. This is what allows us to adapt to your needs, however challenging and unique. Our team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in cryogenics, as well as our production capacity, position us at the forefront of our sector.

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