Cryospain embarks once again on another international project involving the design, manufacture, transportation and assembly of two cryogenic tanks in the city of Boden (Sweden).

Once again, we take charge of a project from a truly comprehensive perspective, putting into action two of our most valuable assets: our productive capacity and our human teams.

The project, in detail

Our client is dedicated to the most cutting-edge engineering in furnace and oxidation technologies, being global leaders in the production, processing and storage of hydrogen.

In view of developing a newly-built ASU plant, they approached Cryospain in search of two very specific tanks:

  • A 2,800m3 storage solution for LIN (liquid nitrogen)
  • Storage of 1,500m3 for LOX (liquid oxygen)

From our experience and knowledge in cryogenic engineering, we suggested the manufacture of two low-pressure flat-bottom tanks with double-wall insulation, containers specifically designed for the storage of low-pressure liquids that require maintaining extremely low temperatures.

Certain design details will guarantee that the tanks fulfill their function in the best possible way. Thus, the interior of the tanks will be made of A240 TP 304 stainless steel, while the exterior presents carbon steel protection. Additionally, the tanks will be insulated with perlite on the walls and cellular glass at the bottom of the tank.

The development phases of the project (which has a scheduled completion date of May 2025) are as follows:

  • Engineering phase: developed at Cryospain’s facilities in Pinto, Madrid, thus taking advantage of our internal production capacity
  • Prefabrication phase: also developed in the Cryospain workshop in Pinto, Madrid
  • Shipping by land to the location
  • Tank assembly: the process will be monitored at all times by an expert cryogenic tank supervisor 
  • Functional verification tests based on the device design code EN 14620

As experts with more than twenty years of experience in cryogenic engineering, we are able to handle projects holistically: from the acquisition of materials, to the assembly of equipment, electrical systems and piping, as well as vital elements such as Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of the components.

Likewise, thanks to our expertise we provide an even more valuable value proposition, with our consulting services for the selection of cryogenic applications suitable for the needs of our clients. At the same time, we are available to provide regular maintenance services, also guaranteeing that the entire process complies with applicable regulations and standards.

Do you want to know more about our work and other cutting-edge cryogenic engineering projects? Take a look at our work for cryogenic piping for ASUs or our project for the storage and supply of liquid hydrogen.

Whether you need a particular piece of equipment, our cryogenic engineering services or a turnkey solution, at Cryospain we can help you. Get in touch with us and find out how.


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