Cryospain becomes once again synonymous with innovation and renewable energy with a new project linked to the generation of green hydrogen and liquefaction of liquid hydrogen within the Northeast of the United States.

From aeronautics fueled by green hydrogen to long-distance heavy transportation facilitated by LH2, this element is now positioned as fundamental to the decarbonization of a multitude of sectors

Our knowledge and experience in cryogenic engineering, in addition to our commitment to the environment, have previously led us to participate in leading projects in the development of green hydrogen. Such is the case of our cryogenic tank in Saudi Arabia as part of the “Neom Green Hydrogen” project, which is expected to be the largest commercial green hydrogen base in the world powered entirely by renewable energies.

As we explain in our podcast about hydrogen as an energy vector, the world is now looking at the sustainable production of hydrogen as one of the hopes for the transition towards green economies.

What’s more, the IEA notes the “unprecedented momentum” expected for green hydrogen production by water electrolysis, which in 2019 represented only 0.1% of total hydrogen production. This figure puts into context the pioneering position of projects like the one we are dealing with in this article, and how Cryospain’s involvement places us as global leaders in the field.

For this new project in the US, we collaborate with one of the leading gas companies in the market, with more than 80 years of experience focused on the distribution of liquefied air gasses, experience in the cryogenic sector and provision of production facilities. , treatment, storage and distribution of these gasses.

An alliance that confirms Cryospain’s commitment to the development of essential technologies for an increasingly cleaner industry and a sustainable future.

More about the facilities and the role of Cryospain

The facility plans to be a leader in the supply of liquid hydrogen in its area of influence, supplying various high-tech industries, the aeronautical and aerospace industry and the automotive industry. As such, it will be fundamental for the decarbonization of heavy industries in the area, taking a significant step towards energy independence and the zero emissions goals set by the US.

More specifically, the plant will present the following characteristics:

  • Production of 35 metric tons per day of green liquid hydrogen
  • Powered 100% by green (hydroelectric) energy
  • 6 million tons of CO2 avoided during the life of the project

At Cryospain, we will be in charge of the design, procurement, manufacturing and supply of four LH2 cryogenic tanker loading systems. A task that includes work on metal structures, but also on super-insulated pipes, integration of valves, specific instruments and control panels.

The extreme risks associated with LH2 and the need to maintain very low temperatures (20ºK) must be taken into account throughout the whole project, conditions that require our full expertise and attention throughout our involvement in this installation.

However, as the uses and applications of liquid hydrogen increase, state-of-the-art cryogenic technology provides an answer, offering safe and effective solutions that allow this sustainable industry to advance.

With scheduled closure in April 2025 in the FCA factory position, the project consists of the following characteristics:

  • Compliance with the European Union pressure equipment directive
  • Design under ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.12 standards
  • NDE according to ASME V
  • Tests including: thermal performance tests for liquid hydrogen, pressure tests and leak helium leak tests in our workshop and functional tests of the assembled elements

Through this project, at Cryospain we put our decade-long experience in cryogenic engineering at the service of cutting-edge green technologies once again. It thus joins other such initiatives, such as our involvement in the pioneering Net Zero Project in Canada.

We thus reaffirm our commitment to offering leading cryogenic solutions that contribute to the development of green hydrogen and drive the transition towards sustainable economies.

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