Cryogenic industrial solutions refer to a collection of tools, equipment and services that allow companies to effectively employ and manage cryogenic substances.

Cryogenic temperatures and substances require certain specialized infrastructure that will preserve liquefied gasses. We take a look at the most important cryogenic solutions that should be considered and criteria to pick the right cryogenic suppliers.

What types of industrial companies need cryogenic solutions?

The current context has seen an important resurgence in demand for cryogenic systems. In fact, the market for cryogenic solutions is forecasted to grow at a 6.4% CAGR between the year 2020 and 2025, reaching 31.68 billion USD by 2026, according to PRNewsWire.

The following are among the key sectors demanding cryogenic industrial solutions: 

  • Medical industry. It’s experimenting a steady increase in need for  liquid oxygen and liquefied nitrogen 
  • Food industry. This responds to the growing uses of cryogenic substances such as nitrogen to cool and freeze food products, prevent their oxidation, achieve cold-chain management and lead to technological advances such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).
  • Transportation. Cryogenic industrial solutions are at the heart of important advancements towards sustainability in the transportation sector, including the use of  liquid hydrogen as fuel in the aerospace and automotive industries.
  • Chemical industry. Cryogenic solutions are facilitating the use of substances such as nitrogen as a transporting gas and liquefying agent. The sector is also using cryogenics to generate modified atmospheres. The case of oil refineries and petro-chemical companies is especially relevant.
  • Electronics. The use of cryogenic technical gasses for the industrial production of electronics is increasingly interested in nitrogen for avoiding oxidation problems and transporting gasses, among other key uses.
  • Metallurgy. The use of nitrogen for thermal treatments and laser cuts and liquefied natural gas stands out in the demand for cryogenic solutions in this sector.

Basic Cryogenic Industrial Solutions

The industries mentioned above are among the key players demanding cryogenic industrial solutions today, looking for a reliable partner that can supply high-quality equipment and services.

On the other side, cryogenic companies must be able to offer both assessment and implementation for the following cryogenic industrial solutions: 

  • Storage systems include the possibility for low-pressure storage and pressurized storage, such as flat-bottom tanks.
  • Transportation equipment includes cryogenic piping, such as the efficient pipe-in-pipe solution.
  • Cryogenic plants and stations represent a ecosystem devoted to cryogenic substances, which may include cryogenic pumps, chillers and cryogenic dewars or containers.

Additionally, a company devoted to supplying cryogenic industrial solutions may also offer the following services: 

Examples of industrial cryogenic projects carried out by experts

Through our two-decade experience in providing cryogenic industrial solutions, Cryospain has participated in a number of exciting international cryogenic projects, leading global projects and pushing the sector’s possibilities a step further each time.

  • Our experience in designing flat-bottom cryogenic tanks includes many projects, such as the installation of two new cryogenic storage solutions in North Africa. Adjusting to the needs of each project, they were designed to store large quantities of liquid oxygen (LOX) for a metallurgical factory and liquefied natural gas (LNG) for extracting and liquefying natural gas in one of Morocco’s largest gas fields. Our role included handling the tank design, using the latest computer aided programs for 2D and 3D designs, among other operations.

The design and implementation of 240 meters of 2″ and 4″ VIP piping for the transportation of LOX and LAR was also a highlight of our recent cryogenic industrial solutions.

  • We’ve been increasingly involved in the generation of ship retrofit projects, with more than 10 ship retrofits or new-builds projects on an international scale. As such, we help incorporate low-emission systems in obsolete or completely new projects, providing vacuum-insulated pipes.
  • Our participation in LNG Train Projects bears witness to our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the field of cryogenic industrial solutions. We’re in charge of designing and implementing systems such as the LNG storage systems, vaporization set-up, CNG compressor, GNL fuelling device and other secondary devices needed to push the train sector towards a greener future.

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Meet an expert supplier of Cryogenic Industrial Solutions

At Cryospain, we’re in charge of helping companies get a hold of high-quality cryogenic industrial solutions. 

Through our advanced cryogenic engineering, we’re able to take care of projects from a holistic perspective, being in charge of assessing each system’s needs from design to delivering turnkey projects.

The following are our most relevant cryogenic inventory solutions:

  • Storage. Our flat-bottom cryogenic tanks offer the right solution for guaranteeing  asafe and efficient storage for all types of cryogenic technical gasses.
  • Transport. Our Cryoline super-insulated pipes use a high-vacuum system to efficiently transport cryogenic substances in a safe manner, while also available for custom designs.
  • Our tailor-made equipment adjusts to each client’s specific needs
  • Cryogenic plants include Satellite LNG regasification plants, LNG and LCNG stations

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