Cryospain‘s state-of-the-art cryogenic tanks will be part of a new air separation facility in Mexico.

This collaboration turns us once again into trusted allies for one of the leading gas companies in the market, with more than a century of experience focused on the distribution of liquefied air gasses, as well as expertise in the cryogenic sector and provision of production facilities, treatment, storage and distribution of these gasses.

Our client has a global presence and has counted on us on several occasions to provide service to the large variety of clients and industries they serve (which include refineries, petrochemicals, mining/metallurgy, manufacturing, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, special, or scientific and medical sectors, among others).

Cryospain’s involvement in the air separation industry has grown as this sector’s importance also multiplies. With a global market value of US$6.1 billion in 2022, the air fractionation area is expected to grow to US$10.4 billion in the next decade, at a CAGR of 5.48%, according to Global News Wire. In this context, our experience in providing cutting-edge cryogenic solutions positions Cryospain as an essential ally for the most demanding projects in this sector.

Designed to keep gasses at extremely low temperatures, our cryogenic tanks in this new project in Mexico will be part of a state-of-the-art air separation facility, guaranteeing effective and safe storage and transportation of liquefied gasses.

The project

Aiming at project completion in February 2025, our tanks will be part of a modular air separation plant for the supply of gasses from the air (nitrogen, oxygen and argon) to local industries, either by pipeline or by bulk supply via tanker trucks.

This is not the first time Cryospain equipment has been incorporated into modular design plants. In 2023, we contributed to the construction of a modular ASU plant based on the client’s specifications, a project that relied on two of our greatest strengths: our productive capacity and Cryospain’s human capital.

In the case of our new project Mexico, we have understood that the core of a modular plant is precisely the ability to adapt to the exact specifications in volume and purity of the supply. To do this, our client takes care of filtering, compressing, cooling and liquefying the air through fractional distillation. For our part, our cryogenic tanks are the perfect complement to guarantee a safe and reliable gas supply.

More details about Cryospain’s contribution

In this project, Cryospain is responsible for the design, procurement, prefabrication and supply of two low-pressure liquefied gas storage tanks. One of the tanks will present a size of 2250 m3 and will contain liquid oxygen; the second tank will have a volume of 3,700 m3 and will be used to store liquid nitrogen.

In this case, our project deals with the engineering and supply areas and does not include assembly. As such, the installation will be carried out under partial supervision by a local company with our equipment sent from Spain. This differentiates this project from our other initiatives in the air separation sector, such as the turnkey tanks we installed in Croatia in 2022.

The technical specifications of the tanks include:

  • Design at a pressure of 480 mbarg and minimum temperature of -196ºC or 77ºK
  • Delivery of the kit equipment in different stages between October 2024 and February 2025 in FCA factory position
  • Design code: API 620/625/650

The project confirms Cryospain’s role as an indispensable ally for the air separation sector.

At Cryospain we have contributed to the advancement of leading initiatives in this sector through our cryogenic equipment, demonstrating exceptional versatility in providing solutions. For instance, in addition to cryogenic tanks, we have also provided “turnkey” solutions for vacuum insulated pipes for an air separation plant in Spain.

These projects all highlight our ability to adapt to customer specifications, as well as our specialized manufacturing capacity, both exceptionally valuable assets to ensure the success of any project.

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